When thee builds a prison, thee had better build with the thought ever in thy mind that thee and thy children may occupy the cells. - Elizabeth Fry (1780-1845)

Mission Statement

CAEFS is an association of self-governing, community-based Elizabeth Fry Societies that work with and for women and girls in the justice system, particularly those who are, or may be, criminalized. Together, Elizabeth Fry Societies develop and advocate the beliefs, principles and positions that guide CAEFS. The association exists to ensure substantive equality in the delivery and development of services and programs through public education, research, legislative and administrative reform, regionally, nationally and internationally.

    The following fact sheets include reference sources. Please feel free to utilize and share. Aboriginal Women Community Options Required Criminalized and Imprisoned Women Deaths […]

    Femmes autochones Options communautaires Femmes criminalisées et incarcérées Santé et santé mentale Coûts humains et financiers de l’incarcération Criminalisation accrue des femmes: les enjeux Effets […]



    Donations are gratefully accepted. Donations to CAEFS are tax deductable.  Donations may be made online through CanadaHelps, or you may scan and email, or […]

        Les dons sont accepté avec gratitude. Les dons de l’ACSEF sont déductibles d’impôt. Les dons peuvent être faits en ligne via CanaDon, ou […]


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