CAEFS Memorial Bursary Applications are Open

CAEFS Memorial Bursary Application 2020

What Is the Bursary For?

The Memorial Bursary is an annual bursary distributed by CAEFS that seeks to criminalized women in reaching their educational and employment goals. For education the bursary can go towards: tuition / course fees, required books, and required materials. For employment to bursary can go towards: start-up costs for a small businces, certification courses, required clothing, or required equipment/ materials.

Who Can Apply?

The bursary is open to women who are currently incarcerated (provincially or federally), or who have been incarcerated in the past.

How Much Is the Bursary for and How Many Are Available?

CAEFS awards up to three bursaries of $500.00 each to each of the five regions in Canada (Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairies, Pacific). The number of bursaries is subject to the availability of funds.

How Do I Apply?

  1. Complete the form linked at the bottom of the page. If you would prefer to complete the form through video recording, or voice memo you may.
  2. Submit this form to CAEFS by mail at 190 Bronson Ave., Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6H4 or as an email attachment to (subject line: Bursary Application)

How Will the Bursaries by Reviewed and Awarded?

  1. Your local Elizabeth Fry Society will review all applications submitted to them based on financial need and the strength of the employment / education plan.
  2. Each region will review applications based on financial need and the stregth of the employment/ education plan.
  3. Each region will then select up to three applicants to be nominated.
  4. A designate from a local EFry Society in that region (either a staff member or regional advocate) will write a letter to CAEFS for each of the 3 nominated candidates and submit along with the applications to CAEFS
  5. Successful applicants will be notified and sent a cheque for the bursary amount

When Do I Apply?

Applications are due to CAEFS no later than July 16th (new deadline)

When Will I Be Notified / Receive My Bursary?

  • CAEFS will notify successful applicants no later than the second week of August
  • CAEFS will distribute funds by the end of August

Please note: No one is guaranteed a bursary and the number of bursaries distributed is dependent on available funds

Ready to Apply? Click here: CAEFS Memorial Bursary Application 2020 – FINAL