Sallows Fry Conference Schedule of Presentations (with Links)

Sallows Fry Conference

A Canadian Crisis:  Criminalization & Imprisonment of Indigenous Women & those with Disabling Mental Health Issues


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THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2015

Ceremonial Opening

Welcome Remarks (Video): Ariel F. Sallows Chair in Human Rights Kim Pate, Acting Dean Beth Bilson,Senator Lillian Dyck, Chief Commissioner David Arnot


  • Canada’s treatment of Immigration detainees with disabling mental health issues: Brainstorming effective advocacy strategies – Paloma van Groll
  • A Tort Remedy: Misfeasance in Public Office and Administrative Segregation – Aliya Chouinard, Margaret Hall
  • Project Access: Telephone and Visitor Access in Saskatchewan Correctional Centres – Sarah Buhler, Amanda Dodge
  • A torture-free U of S: not just a pipe dream – Dan LeBlanc
  • Buffalo Sage Wellness House (BSWH) Section 81 Healing Lodge Process Review – Amy Pilon
  • Listening to ‘Talk Story’: Lessons from the Hawai’i Girls Court for Women’s/Girls’ Corrections in Atlantic Canada –Josephine Savarese
  • Understanding Past Mistakes, Pursuing Social Equity, and Fostering Belonging: Responsible Citizenship for Restorative Outcomes – Chief Commissioner D. Arnot
  • PAWSitive Reflections: How the Work of a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Supports a Trauma-Informed Approach to Prisoner Health – Nancy Poole, Colleen Dell
  • Indigenous Girls and the Violence of Settler Colonial Policing – Jaskiran Dhillon


FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2015


  • Legal Strategies to Address Violence Against Indigenous Women and Girls – Kim Stanton, Mary Eberts, Pippa Feinstein, Christa Big Canoe
  • Shoplifting as a Mental Health Issue – Helen Smith-McIntyre, Doreen Burns, Delores Kenny
  • Colonization, the Indian Act, and the Criminal Code all have a direct impact on the negative attitudes currently faced by many Indigenous Women across Canada – Colleen Whitedeer
  • Innovative Programming for Aboriginal Prisoners – Diann Block, Allison Piché, Nancy Van Styvendale
  • Gender, Race and Custodial Space – Carmen Plaunt, Chantel Huel
  • An arrow through my heart: Survival from the Streets to the Height of Academia – Sharon Acoose and guests
  • Through the Eyes of Women: What a Co-operative Can Mean in Supporting Women through Confinement and Integration – Isobel Findlay
  • Risky Business: Democratising Success and the Case of Federally Sentenced Aboriginal Women – Nancy Poon
  • Claiming Digital Space: Violence Against Women and Indigenous Women’s Filmmaking/Short Film Screening and Discussion – Tasha Hubbard
  • Using a Macro Cultural Psychological Approach to Expose Realities and Transform the Conversation – Alyssa Benedict
  • The Situation of Aboriginal Women in Canada: The Journey Forward – Native Women’s Association of Canada –Teresa Edwards